About Us

Your Best Choice to Enjoy Costa Rica

Mission and Vision



Costa Rica is one of the fastest growing vacation destinations in the world, with a 40% increase in tourism from 2002 to 2003.

This is because nowhere else in the world will you find so much in such a small place.


Fly through the treetops in a pristine rainforest on a canopy tour, glide down lush canals on a river boat marveling at monkeys, sloths and rare tropical birds or bask in volcano heated hot springs at a 5 star resort.


There is something for every taste here and Marbella Travel and Tours is the right choice to share this experience with you.


Our Values

We are committed to our business is consistent with protection of natural resources and culture.

We are a company dedicated to creating economic opportunities for rural communities.

We appreciate the honesty.

We appreciate the tenacity and responsibility (as) employees (as) in the sector.

Appreciate gender equality.

We appreciate the joint efforts toward a common goal.

We appreciate the endeavor of organized groups.

We appreciate the production and consumption of inputs required in the host communities.

We appreciate the customer service focus.

We respect the cultural diversity of the tourists and employees.

We spread the solidarity among employees and suppliers.

To achieve our mission, vision and values we are consistent with our actions as a trader specializing in tourism, we have developed the following policy of sustainability, which we share with our employees, customers and suppliers.

The Founder

Our Team

Our founder, Wally Sibaja took their combined 53 years experience in the travel industry and created a dynamic, professional and knowlegable company that is ready to assist you in any way possible as you discover the magic of Costa Rica.



They are integral parts of the day to day operations, making sure that Marbella stays abreast of all the latest and most enjoyable tours and ensuring that each and every employee benefits from their years of experience.

Our bi-lingual reservations department use their extensive knowledge and up to the minute database to design your ideal vacation, whether you seek an adventure package with white water rafting and riding ATV’s through the forest or want to spend your time relaxing on pristine whitesand beaches, pampering yourself in European Style Spas and indulging in plentiful, gourmet meals.


Once you arrive, our professional guides and drivers will pick you up in one of late model, air conditioned vans or buses and take the stress out of traveling, gladly assisting you in any way possible to make sure you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

All you have to do is dream up your perfect vacation and leave the rest to us.